What Makes Men Irresistible?

Posted: 19 Agustus 2010 in Tips

  1. Sexy body language. All men have something physical that they do – without realising – that turns women on. For some it’s a wink, for others it’s a hand through the hair, and for Chuck Bass it’s simply stating “I’m Chuck Bass”. Whatever it is, it’s suave, cheeky, and smoking hot.
  2. He’s chilled. We women tend to get a bit over-excited about certain things, and while we can be a tad neurotic and frenzied, irresistible men seem to simply radiate calm and a can-do attitude. A steady gaze and cool written all over his face makes his sex appeal shoot through the roof.
  3. He looks after himself. Sexiness doesn’t come down to a certain height, build, or dress code (although board shorts with skate shoes should never be worn over the age of 13). But the bottom line is if he keeps his body in okay shape, he obviously knows how to take care of himself and sets health as a priority. This indicates he’s more likely to take care of you, too. That’s a turn-on.
  4. He has a manly scent. Research has shown that our DNA compatibility dictates who smells good to us – and with good cologne that can be anyone! It sounds animalistic and primal, but a guy with a hot, strong scent has the potential to drive a woman wild.
  5. He shows affection. An arm around our shoulders, a hand on the leg, a kiss on the back of the neck…not only does this double as affectionate, but little signals like this can also turn us women on in a big way.
  6. He laughs. A lot. No news flash here. Look in any dating column or website and you’ll notice the number one trait people are looking for is a sense of humour. Comedy is highly enticing. It’s worth noting though that there are different types of humour. The insecure comedy that’s based on putting others down or calling them names doesn’t impress us. But give us fun-loving jokes and laughter and that man will head straight to the top of the sexiness charts.
  7. He does things you can’t. Now, we’re all for equality, don’t get us wrong. But a dead cockroach in the bathroom? Hell no, sister. While we tend to hate having to rely on anyone but ourselves, sometimes it’s just easier to ask him to take care of it. Carrying heavy objects up the stairs, hanging pictures, and killing large creepy crawlies are all part of his irresistible appeal.
  8. Protectiveness. Nothing is more attractive than when a man walks on the outside nearest to the traffic, extends a hand to help us up a steep incline, or worry that the guy at the checkout was quite literally, checking you out. Even if us women can protect ourselves, it’s nice to be taken care of – and a protective man is most definitely irresistible. Why do you think James Bond has nabbed so many women over his time?
  9. He’s passionate. About you, about global issues, about puppies and kittens, or all of those things combined. Whatever it may be, a man who is passionate is completely desirable.

From : http://www.cosmopolitan.com.au

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