7 Signs He Can Give Orgasm

Posted: 19 Agustus 2010 in Tips

Do not cheer in rush when you know if your partner wear size 45 in shoes. There was absolutely no correlation between the size of the foot with the size of Mr. Happy. Moreover,  there is the myth which says that, “Man who have a big thumb, certainly have big penis.” Even the research team at University College London, laughed uproariously when we asked the truth. You could never guess the size of the “combat equipment” of a man, unless he had taken off his pants in front of you. Seriously. But this is good news. According to Julia Fuentes from DateDaily.com, when you meet a man, there are seven ways to guess what he’s clever in bed. “Well, these things did not indicate if he memorized the entire contents of the manuals ‘Orgasm For Women’, but guaranteed he would never make you regret it,” said Julia.

Good Dancer
Okay, this does not mean that he must master the salsa, tango, or clever snaking sexy movies like John Travolta in Grease (which, by the way, a little scary). But at least, when you were dancing, the atmosphere there was so intense to the point that you feel  the sense of making love on the dance floor. “If man can hug you so tightly while continuing to follow the rhythm, he can rotate his hips sign when you lie down under it,” said Julia. And do not forget, the man who knows how to follow the rhythm, guaranteed to understand how to set the tempo when you both are “wrestling” on the bed. So for this weekend, there’s no harm in trying to play CDs Michael Bublé and said, “Shall We Dance?”

His kiss … Slowly
When he opened his mouth to kiss you, her tongue was soft and his kiss was impressed a little “lazy”. He did very, very slowly, as if he were to demonstrate to you what can be done by a tongue while flying in the mouth. He chewed on your bottom lip, then he paused to stare at you and give smiles mischievously. Then before you could react, he was back playing with the tip of your tongue, then lick your palate … oh my dear, the man who kissed like this, know how to delay orgasm until the moment where you will get a “blast” an unforgettable moment.

He Looks Very Enjoying Every Meals
This could be your answer, even on a first date. Say there is a dish of tenderloin steak in front of him. This man is no rush like a person who hasn’t  eat for 40 days. Instead, he would cut each side of the meat carefully, slowly put it in the mouth, and chewed it as if this is the last steak in the world. We sure if true, this scene itself can make you turn on in the middle of the restaurant (come on, admit it), but how he enjoyed food like this show if he also would not be spending every inch of your body. All can be equal treatment!

Without removing your shirt, He Makes You Feel Sexy
He did not need to say, “You’re sexy.” Or even, he did not need to touch your body just to make you feel like Penelope Cruz. But some of his behavior, such as looking from the top down, then threw a mischievous smile, 220 volt electric current flowing as fast in your body. He also knew how to use the term without talking dirty porn. Like for example in the morning he says, “You know you make me want to eat anything for breakfast? Strawberries and whipped cream. “He is so sensual to the point when he was busy with his laptop, you may want to take off her clothes and jumped toward him. If all this sounds familiar, then congratulations, you’re dealing with a Sex God.

The Brain Teaser
There’s word that it goes like this: “If a man does not know how to have sex with the female brain, so he could not possibly know how to have sex with a woman’s body.” The man who got an A in the sex department, might make you think of naughty things, only by invites you to chat. Brainy is sexy, it’s no wonder when you know he has a lot of knowledge, even your imagination run wild. This can often radiates from the man who had a passion for something. He spoke with such enthusiastic, so you also go, well, intense. For instance when he was brought you home, and he was busy explaining about Coldplay’s latest album. But instead of listening, you suddenly imagined that he would pull his car at the edge of a dark street and  his hand downwards the dress you wear …

He Doesn’t Like To Discuss Sex In Public
I think you already know, if a man who tells everybody about his love experience is a man who really never knew how to make love. Empty barrel sounds loud, right? But on the contrary, men who choose not to announce some stories to others, but simply by using his body language, every touch, and his behavior towards you, is a man who was certainly ready and able to take you to see something that often mention as. .. the amazing big O.

Lively Hand
It’s clear that your breasts and buttocks are the foundation on which his hand  wants to land. But this guy … massaging the back of your neck for no reason. He put his arm around your waist to pull you closer. When you are kissed, he gently put his fingers behind your head, and down the strands of hair, making you feel like being in the last scene of a chick flick. Fair anyway, because the man who behaves like this who really knows if there are many ways to bring women to orgasm, and he was always ready to do it one by one. Hurrah!

From: http://www.cosmopolitan.co.id.


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