An Hour To Love …

Posted: 28 Juni 2010 in Diari

When it began with a sincere desire,
anything is possible..
What is inconceivable, not planned
and not daring to hope for,
finally happened — even just for one hour..
and it was so beautiful
Your love is truly rocked my soul
my heart is loaded with your charm
your touch, your kisses and your warm,
embrace me to the heaven of passion
how irresistible you are …
So, when one hour has passed
I realized how hard for me to let you go
But I am grateful for this
for a moment of truly happiness..
for one hour to love..
An hour which made me feel alive again.

thanks, luv .. mmuuahh..

Remembering our date : Jun, 18 2010

  1. Mochammad berkata:

    Itu puisi buat si akang? Akangnya mana kok belum njawab…:)



    • dearestnyai berkata:

      Hehe.. Iya, buat Akang…
      Mana ya, Akangku? lagi sibuk pasti… 😦

      Anyway, makasih ya udah baca blog Akang dan Nyai..
      gimana nih tanggapannya?


  2. dearestakang berkata:

    Aduuh…Nyai makasih banyak… it’s so beautiful, I love it…
    It’s really exciting and one hour with fully of happiness and trully wonderfull….

    Untuk Mochammad makasih udah berkunjung ke blog Akang dan Nyai…mdh2an Anda suka dengan blog kami….


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